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Other Activities or News!!!.

Track Event - Running

We had a annual Sports day and apart from Participating in the hockey team as usual, I ran in the Fathers race and guess what !!!! - I came 1st (as expected), since everyone calls me "Speedy", I was pleased I finished 1st because my reputation was on the line. - Now officially the Fathers (under 40's) Champion ! - Hip Hip Huraa !!

We have started coaching Hockey to some of the younger players. So far they are improving but need extra funding for buying shin-pads etc especially for the young boys. This year 2007, our local hockey Club are entering a 2nd XI consisting of these younger players, so lets see their progress.

Gurvir started playing last season for Old Loughts and is one of the handful of asian youngster playing there. Hopefully in coming years we will see alot more of Gur and the little Gur (Gur Gur Team) .




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