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Version 5.2

Debugging issues wth the Infrastructure Service

To run the infrastructure diag's got to a command prompt and type the following. -debug > c:\isdebug.txt


Mailsweeper Email Appliance - checked/unchecked folders

Under Message Center -> Queued Messages

Waiting for Analysis = unchecked

Ready for Dispatch = checked

Dispatch retry = domains/holding


Mailsweeper - upgrade links from 4.3 to 5,installing,installing,installing,installing - upgrade from 4.3.17 to V5 Steps


Mailsweeper - Mailsweeper Undocumented features
(This information is from

Multi-threaded delivery per domain

The MAILsweeper SMTP delivery service will bring up one TCP/IP connection per domain for delivery purposes. It is possible to make the delivery service bring up more connections per domain. This could be of use in a high throughput environment or times when back logs are caused by problem messages. This will bring a new connection when there are a defined number of messages (MsgLimit1) waiting to be delivered up to a maximum number (DomainLimit1) of connections.


In mailswp.cfg ,in the section [SMTP Delivery]. Add the following

[SMTP Delivery]





Stripping of SMTP received headers

It is possible to make MAILsweeper remove any SMTP received headers from any messages it processes.


To do this add the following entry to mailswp.cfg:

Strip Received Headers

[SMTP Receiver]



To turn stripping off again set the value to $I0

Make sure customers are aware of the potential issues explained below (in bold) before using this though: (from the manual)


StripReceivedHeaders (*) REG_DWORD


If non-zero, then mail messages which SMTPRS receives from hosts which are in the AcceptForRelayFrom list, will have their Received: headers removed. Similarly for messages received on authenticated connections. This is intended as a security features for organizations which do not wish the details of their internal networks to be exposed in messages sent over the Internet. However, it makes it more difficult to trace the origin of messages. WARNING: if you turn on this feature while leaving the AcceptForRelayFrom list at its default setting of "*", you become a "laundry" for spam - there is no way (other than the log files) of tracing mail back to the originating system. It is therefore essential that you understand the full implications of this before turning this option on. Default: 0.


RBL custom response

In MAILsweeper for SMTP SP2, a new feature was added allowing the specification of a real time black list host.

This was configured as follows (from the SP2 release notes)


RBL Configuration

To set up the RBL domain add the following to mailswp.cfg [SMTP General] section:

v:RBLDomain=$S"Required Domain".


Note: This service may require a subscription and IP address registration with the Real Time Blacklist organization.

e.g v:RBLDomain=$


However the message returned to the sending SMTP relay can also be configured.


The default message is:

550 This system is configured to reject mail from


There is a new configuration entry v:RBLResponse=$S"Required Message"


[SMTP General]


v:RBLResponse=$SMessage Blocked by RBL


This would return the following message:

550 This system is configured to reject mail from Message Blocked by RBL


Max Delivery threads

The MAILsweeper SMTP delivery service will try and deliver up to 50 connections at a time. This number can be controlled via a configuration entry.


In MAILswp.cfg add the following to [SMTP General] section

[SMTP General]


This will reduce the number of delivery treads from 50 to 30


Max Job time

If the processing of a message takes longer than a specified number of seconds, the priority of the message will be lowered so other messages will be processed. The message will remain in the \unchecked folder. The default value is 30 seconds but this can be changed in mimeswp.cfg in the [Jobs] section





Maximum Number of Jobs

MAILsweeper will, by default, process up to 5 messages simultaneously. The value can be changed via the use of a configuration entry. This is achieved in mimeswp.cfg in the [jobs] section.





It is important to be aware that no MAILsweeper testing is done on configurations with a setting over 5 and anything over that would be unsupported. Experience has show anything over a setting of 8 leads to performance reductions.


Changing Disclaimer font size

The font size for disclaimers can be set via the use of a configuration entry. The entry is added to the scenarios.cfg file to the relevant disclaimer section:


[Scenarios\Outgoing\Legal disclaimer\Content\Ame]

v:FontSize=$I36 v:Append=$Btrue


v:AddText=$S"This electronic message together with any attachments is confidential. If"


Setting receiver service port

The SMTP receiver service port can changed from the default setting of 25. This is achieved in the file mimeswp.cfg in the [SMTP Receiver] section.


[SMTP Receiver]



Disclaimer in Japanese

Check to make sure Asian language pack is installed/ selected

Select UTP-8 and ISO-2022 Character set

Restart Mailsweeper Server


On outbound emails, the MAILsweeper application evaluates the message being processed and if no Extended characters are detected then the plain text disclaimer is applied, however if the message ‘does’ contain Extended characters then the rich text disclaimer is used


The current MIMEsweeper for SMTP 5.2 application does however provide this functionality, i.e. the full disclaimer being applied to all messages following the specific route (based on route and not character set). There is no work around for the 4.3 application


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