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The Jutla Family.

We are originally from Punjab, India. My late Grandfather Hari Singh and Late Grandmother Parsini were from a small village near Nakodar called Gandharan. Grandfather served for the British army in the 2nd world war. My grandmother was very much liked by all the locals because she was polite and kind-hearted and never let anyone go from our house empty handed.

My father studied to become a teacher and came to England in late 50’s to study at Oxford, later went to Kenya to teach and has been teaching there since till his retirement. He taught in a number of Schools in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kericho where he spent most of his teaching career

I am proud to have drawn this family tree because so far only we have a tree of so many names and have actually made an effort to draw it

I have taken a picture of the tree that I have drawn, the picture gives you an idea of how big the tree is and the rectangle in red is where I am, unfortunately this tree contains only boys as gathering all names including ladies was a mission and I couldn’t get this info fully, so decided not to add those.

When I visited India I managed to get names of cousins that my Grandmother told me and drew a family tree. I drew the tree as shown below.